IOVA is a singer-songwriter born and raised in a Romanian family of engineers, inheriting both singing and lyrical talents from her grandparents. Her passion for music began at age of eleven when she started taking guitar and piano lessons. Two years later, she formed her own rock band. IOVA established herself as a solo artist in the industry after being a member of LaLa Band, the most famous teen-centered sitcom series in Romania. Her musical path begun when she sent a demo with her music to HaHaHa Production in the fall of 2015. She started writing and recording music and released her first single – ”Be like water” in 2018.

In the last 2 years, gen Z artist, IOVA, rised to the top. Her unique sound is perfectly matching the dance, electro-pop beats that run the world right now. This, combined with her songwriting skills, made her top the Romanian and international charts with her hit ”Down on my knees” feat Paul Damixie. This year, she accepted her label’s challenge of creating 26 different songs. She has two sides that contribute to her personality: the human and the artist. IOVA is the exuberant expression of her human side: “What makes me unique as an artist is the way I hear music and how it literally sounds in my head, the way my brain understands it and how my heart feels it. From here it just comes naturally: the lyrics, the concept and the story.”

2021 was a great year for IOVA, as she released ”BI-POLAR”, a project she entirely created, music, concept, visuals. ”BI-POLAR” is a success, as we analyze IOVA’s Spotify growth, and her songs were most streamed in countries like Brazil, Japan, United States, Germany, United Kingdom and many more. Spotify Wrapped was satisfying to read, as it confirmed IOVA’s doing an amazing work and had over 1 million streams and half a million listeners.”


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