Anica Russo (DE) is a singer, songwriter and musician with Croatian & Italian roots, based in Berlin. Her songs are characterized by a magical fusion of Dark Pop and Rock Pop, crafting a unique and captivating sonic landscape.

With over 120,000 dedicated followers on social media and more than 30 million streams, the 23 years old artist has already established a strong presence. Having international aspirations, Anica Russo has collaborated with and supported renowned artists like Alan Walker, Adam Lambert, Paul Russell, Lord of the Lost and Zoe Wees.

Anica Russo is not just a musical force but also an advocate for critical issues such as mental health and faith. She is the official voice of the organization “Youth in danger” (JugendNotmail), and has recently graced the cover of the Christian teen magazine ”YOU!”. With her passionate voice and inspirational message, she touches hearts and encourages her listeners to discover their own strength.

Her participation in the national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with her German Songwriting Award winning song “Once Upon a Dream” underscores her international potential and impressive stage presence, acknowledged by the international jury.

Anica Russo is more than just a musician – she’s a source of inspiration for those seeking profound lyrics and mysteriously magical sounds. With a growing fan base and a steady rise In the music scene, Anica Russo is ready to enchant the world with her unique artistry.

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