Swedish singer-songwriter Frida Hörnquist (SE) steps into the spotlight with her unique blend of alternative country and folk/pop. In addition to her role as a singer and bassist in the rock band Indifferent, Frida has recently chosen to focus the spotlight on her own solo career, where the emphasis is on her songwriting.

After touring with Indifferent at various festivals in western Sweden and securing an impressive 2nd place in Livekarusellen—a competition spanning the entire country—Frida’s musical journey has been characterized by performances at established venues, including appearances on Bingolotto. The band has also made an impact in Gothenburg at places like Sticky Fingers and Hard Rock Cafe.

As early as 2017, Frida caught Sweden’s attention by participating in Idol, where she achieved a respectable 12th place.

Frida is now focusing on her solo material, drawing inspiration from artists such as Brandi Carlile, The Secret Sisters, and Hayley Williams. Her solo work explores emotions through heartfelt lyrics and melodic charm, creating a unique sound that spans alternative country and folk/pop.

In the near future, the plan is to release Frida’s first single, which will serve as an exciting introduction to the highly anticipated EP. In between, an intimate summer tour awaits at carefully selected venues, allowing the audience to experience Frida’s music up close.

As Frida Hörnquist continues to evolve as a solo artist, an authentic and compelling musical journey awaits, transcending genres and creating a deep connection with listeners.






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