VILNES (NO ) Norwegian Indie Pop/Rock that takes you on a diverse musical journey.

Vilnes is from the exotic 300 inhabitants island Atløy in Norway, but lives and makes his music in the international Pop City, Bergen, Norway.

Every tune from Vilnes is a listeners treat.

His ear-worm recipe is not about hunting that ONE banger, but rather about creating and painting every tune with exceptional attentive care, and bang there you are.

Diversity & Variety is a key ingredient in Vilnes songwriting. One tune is NOT like the other, and that’s the Vilnes way.
Visit Spotify now and listen to the extravagant “A Million Smiles”, the playful and upbeat “Play with me” or the wholesome “Demons”.

After playing at Norwegian showcase festivals such as: “100 dager”, “Blest”, “Vill Vill Vest” and “Bergen Fest”, Vilnes was requested to come play live in Germany.

The request came from “Acoustics Concerts Series”, (Cassiopeia Berlin, Knust Hamburg), this became a one-of-a-kind experience whereof “A Million Smiles” managed to hit heavy rotation on German radio in Hamburg. 

Otherwise Vilnes can share that his debut album is done and that the record has a planned release set for Spring 2025. 


Nordic Music Review (UK): “This really is 2 minutes 40 seconds of indie pop genius”

Bergen City legend music Bergens Tidende journalist Engelen (NO): “The star from Atløy!”


Luttprisen (Regional Norwegian contest), Radio Wigwam UK (Best Male Artist of the year), achieved enlistment for heavy radio rotation at NRK P1 (Vilnes – Story Unsaid)’






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