To live in a small town, to change one’s lifestyle due to illness, to carry nitroglycerin on stage at the age of 23. This is the life of NILS VALENTINE (SE), the young man from Hudiksvall in Hälsingland who is seeking redemption through music.

The dream of becoming an elite football referee was his goal, and it seemed promising until during a running test in 2020, Nils collapsed. Pale, blue lips, lying on the ground – something was seriously wrong. It turned out to be related to his heart, and three years later, his problems persist. The dream of becoming a professional referee has been replaced by music.

Nils Valentine writes songs largely about everyday struggles, unrequited love, and farewells. Writing lyrics and baring his soul in music, all while living in a small town, used to be challenging until he became ill. Now he looks like a hippie with a Gustav Vasa haircut and doesn’t care about trying to be someone else to fit in.

The sound of his music makes you yearn for summer festivals, guitars, and Hammond organs. People in Nils’s surroundings have always considered him somewhat old-fashioned, so it’s no coincidence that the music he creates has an older sound. It feels organic and genuine. The lyrics occasionally contain metaphors that can be related to everyday events but also allow the listener to form their own interpretation with their imagination. Since he was young, Nils Valentine has had a wide taste in music, from Metallica, Rainbow, and Toto to Håkan Hellström, Lars Winnerbäck, Jakob Hellman, and, of course, Bruce Springsteen. According to Nils, music is the most enjoyable language in the world, and as long as something sounds good, genre matters less.

In the spring of 2023, Nils Valentine was signed by REHN MUSIC GROUP, and together with producers Pelle ”Boppers” Karlsson and Tommy Rehn, they are now working hard on his debut album. Nils believes it was the right decision to sign with a record label like REHN MUSIC GROUP, which doesn’t try to change his music or who he is as a person. He also believes that both Tommy Rehn (record label director and co-producer) and producer Pelle Karlsson share the same vision as him regarding the final results of the songs. Both of them have a wealth of musical expertise, strong networks, and together, the three of them form a great team working towards the same goal – 100% is not enough






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