“there was a fire beneath their music – both lyrically and in its composition – that made it a thrill to experience. in a sea of acts at the moment who are preaching progression, this is a band who live and breathe it – larry heath, the au review (aus)”

evolution, progression, expansion, maturation: growth is the key component of hello delaware. what has been lost—one guitar, some folk phrasing, a lot of twang—has been replaced by rock chords, driving percussion and the assured confidence of a band that knows what it wants.

when dana beeler became hello delaware, it was a way to open up more onstage and step fully into the role of front person. she ditched her guitar—which had already morphed from acoustic to electric—completely, pulled the microphone from its stand and wailed songs of regret and rage directly into her listeners’ faces. the first album under that name, my mistake, was recorded mid-change, with songs she’d written on her own.

“[hello delaware] bears a definite emotional punch, but also showcases that more pop-infused, radio-ready, rock sound.” –halifax bloggers (can)

the songs that have come since have been co-writes, full-band collaborations that begin with beeler’s words and melodic input from the guitarist, aaron green. taking inspiration from gwen stefani, weaves, and uk bands like the vaccines & the big moon, beeler and green present the music to the killer rhythm section, bassist tori cameron and drummer eamonn slattery, glues it all together.

hello delaware’s blistering, dynamic live show—“we get on stage and we all have a job to do; make people feel something”—has taken the band to stages shared with hollerado, the glorious sons and the wooden sky, cities across canada and the atlantic ocean, where the quartet made its uk debut at the great escape and focus wales festivals in the spring of 2018

new songs, literally plucked from beeler’s dreams, molded into art by the band and produced by in-flight safety’s john mullane, will arrive eventually.






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Future Echoes is Sweden’s new showcase festival that kicks off the 17-19th February, 2022 in Norrköping, Sweden. 

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