Grapell is a band consisting of Emil Erstrand and Nils Nygårdh, two long-time friends writing love songs from a basement in Stockholm.

The duo started making music with their first band when they were 16 and have stuck together ever since. Throughout the years, via several projects and constellations, the music has become both refined and simplified and left the songs of Grapell honest with a core of raw and genuine emotion. It is timeless music about life, love, lust and heartbreak. And not only the themes of the songs are timeless; so is the sound of the music.

When listening to a Grapell song you may hear traces of classic soul, country, Beatle-esque rock and even R&B. But at the same time, you will experience something completely unique – not least through Erstrand’s heartfelt vocals.

Grapell is based on Erstrand’s song writing, playful storytelling combined with solid melodies, and brought to life through the collaboration between the two members. Whilst Nygårdh is the band’s drummer he also plays a crucial part as a creative sounding board. Often times, Erstrand writes the core of the song on his own and then brings it to the rehearsal space where the duo sort it out together, just to later on record it in the very same room. Grapell has always been a classic DIY project.

 Although Grapell work as duo during a big part of the creative process, on stage they become a full-on band. The live version of Grapell is a group of friends all contributing to transform the personal and sometimes-intimate songs into grand anthems and epic ballads.

This far Erstrand and Nygårdh have released four EPs and one full-length album. They have toured through several countries with the band and gained devoted listeners all over the world. Grapell’s music offers a place where you can lose yourself for a while, and, whether you’re experiencing life affirmative excitement or heart-breaking sadness, find a song to channel that very emotion. The world of Grapell is a place where only the true, raw and honest is important.

 The Answer, Grapell’s second full-length album, focus – maybe more than any earlier release – on the euphoric highs and ruthless lows of a love story. It’s taking the listener on a journey through the course of a relationship. From the first wobbly steps of a new love, to the sentimental retrospect when it’s all over






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