Bonander is the shorthand for Ellinor Sterner Bonander. Sporting the role of musician, arranger and producer in the cinematic dark pop project, the Swede is a woman unchained. With earlier studies in jazz- and improvisation based music, she took her bachelor in music production at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She loves working with organic warm acoustic instruments in combination with more aggressive synthesized soundscapes, and likes it best creating music and media in her studio as a part of the collective ’Växthuset Studios’ in Stockholm. Her lyrics are as important as her sounds, and often touch subjects such as destructive stereotypes and norms, and the complexity of things we all tend to want to simplify. She often works close with here co-producer Elias Ortiz.
Enigmatic and alluring, Bonander is set to release her visionary debut album, ’Things We Don’t Talk About’ through Icons Creating Evil Art on 20th August 2021. The full-length follows leading tracks ‘Backseat’, ‘Martha’ and ‘Gone In The Wind’. Injecting darkness into the candied vein of pop, her upcoming LP demonstrates her sheer femme-power, unpicking existentialist tropes through a feminist lens. ’Things We Don’t Talk About’ is a monumental debut in summation; where cinematic strings meet playful synth melodies and dense bass lines caress vocals that catch on the wind. “My music touch the same topic: the complexity of the female identity, an identity we simplify, harass, abuse and forget in our everyday life,” she says.
”Bonander evokes a heavy-hearted, stomping sound with her latest single ’Gone In The Wind.’ ” (Rolling Stone India)
“A beautiful slow burner that builds and builds, climaxing with her angelic vocals” (The 405)
“A protest epic against the alt-right… sounds like if you got in touch with a woodland witch to cast a hex on Donald Trump.” (High Snobiety)
“Bonander‘s sound is used as a way to challenge our own perception of patriachy and gender conformity.” (High Clouds)
”…with lavish string parts and icy-like synthesizer hooks, Bonander’s appreciation to develop her music against the norm is something to admire.” (It’s All Indie)
”Bonander not only offers one track to us today. In 4 minutes and 30 seconds we are allowed to experience a full concert. We thank her, receive the gift with joy and long for the next release.” (Tinzel Magazine)

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