Bella Skyler’s journey as an artist took a giant leap three years ago when she left Sweden and moved across the world to carve her own path and put her stamp on the highly competitive pop-music scene in Los Angeles. Many would describe her distinctive musical style as classic pop, being yet contemporary with influences from R&B a.o. To create such a unique sound, Bella draws inspiration from multiple of her favorite genres. Thanks to her ear for perfection, warm tones, insightful words, raw lyrics, and rich melodies, she has been able to develop her own personal sound.

Bella’s music tells of love in its many forms. From physical and romantic to platonic or obsessive. You learn about self-love, empowerment and not to mention her love for her life as a restless girl. Bella Skyller prides herself on her ability to write from her plethora of life experiences, making her storytelling extremely personal and intimate.

Due to her genuine love for live performances, Bella shines the brightest live on stage. It’s then that she really gets to portray her emotions and you are fully exposed to her sincere passion for her music. She has a fresh sound, warming spirit, and a wild stage personality that creates a meaningful connection with her audience and makes her performances memorable, captivating, and powerful.

Bella Skyller is currently working with her producer in Los Angeles on her releases that later this year will follow her debut single Alone With Me (to be released by TempoCo / COMEDIA February 18). Her upcoming EP consists of four songs, that are cleverly intertwined and tell alluring stories of specific moments in her life. Bella tried for four months to repress her memories from a toxic relationship with a person that she thought would be ”The One” – but turned out to be the opposite of what she needed. Because of this, she was able to transfer her anxiety, heartbreak, and tears into music that she now loves and is incredibly proud of.





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