“Brenda Blitz, the euphoric-sounding jump into the abyss” – Diffus Magazine 2023”

“Brenda Blitz sounds like you’re rubbing center shock in your eye” -Melanie Gollin-

Brenda Blitz is a young wave-pop artist. She finds her musical home in New Wave; her first songs are influenced by Joy Division and the Talking Heads alike. At the Melt Festival three years ago she decided: She really needed to get on stage now – 

She taught herself how to produce in no time and six months later played her first concert in front of 600 people as support for a very well-known german girl punk band ”Gurr

She released her first self-produced EP in 2020. Three years later she played over 80 concerts, her biggest concert in front of 16 thousand people, she won awards, played in the headquarter of the goverment in Berlin and talked about culture and music.

Together with her choreographer Denise Ferlito, Brenda Blitz develops choreographies that shape live shows and music videos

Brenda Blitz live shows are an invitation to experience, a happening – an attempt to make the boundaries between stage and audience disappear.

“PAIN” is the third EP by Brenda Blitz and was released on September 15th, 2023. A new chapter has long since begun and Brenda shows herself in the 3.0 format with clubby basses, painful lyrics and, in addition to her tender but painful personality, shows us now more of herself than was previously seen.

The end of a painful time and the beginning of finally coming to yourself again.

Following on from the new page that Brenda shows us, the original club banger “Sexy Adé” will be as a new clubremix on  8th of December, 2023.

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