Rikke Normann (NO)

Rikke Normann (NO) The colourful Norwegian singer-songwriter wears her heart on her sleeve and sings with a nerve unlike any other. She loves to get serious with her listeners, often singing about things we don’t like to admit or talk about, in an upbeat, serious but not too serious way! Rikke believes the best way to get through to people is by musical contrasts, often sounding light and happy, but when you listen to the lyrics, they make you start to think. This is probably why some people describe her music as “happy-sad-music”. She loves to advocate for being yourself, no matter who that is, and is known to speak up for people in trouble, feeling different, and those on the outside of the mainstream.
With an enormous drive, Rikke writes all her songs on a 100 year old grand piano placed dead center of her living room. Always looking to write a new, better song, she is inspired a variety of different artists, but mainly by songs from every genre, and her dad’s huge vinyl collection. Her favourite band is Fleetwood Mac, she collects vintage keyboards and drum machines and has a dog called Gunnar.
With 5 written and released albums on her own indie label “RikkiLeaks”, she’s a complete one woman production with a finger in every part of her business, especially everything creative. Rikke is also known as “the Norwegian-living-room-queen” after travelling and playing over a 100 living room concerts for her fans in 2019, promoting the album “35”. Touring alone and organising everything her self, she went up and down the country, even to the most remote, far away places, to surprise her fans with these intimate concerts. Rikke goes a long way to make her listeners happy and people were ecstatic!
Rikke has a rare, live presence and ability to hit your heart straight when going to her shows, and though her fans love her albums, they love her live on stage even more! Known to take you through all your emotions, and make you want to both dance, cry and reflect on things, sometimes at the same time, her concerts are unique and never the same, whether it’s a solo, duo or full band show. The only thing guaranteed is a real and unfiltered vibe, with set of songs delivered by a personality hard not to love. As the first review she ever received read:
“Rikke went on to pierce the heart of the listeners with her self-penned mini-classics” Here to stay, and with so much more to say, Rikke is; “refreshingly different! An artist that thinks outside the box” as said by when the horn blows, april 2021! Genre: indie-pop / singer-songwriter



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