Radiogeist (DE/BG/UK)

Radiogeist (BG/DE/UK)  is a rock trio founded in 2022. Guitarist Rumen Iliev and drummer Julio Baterista both based in Germany, and bassist/frontman George George based in the UK, mix a great cocktail of rock influences creating heavy, ground-shaking, epic tunes.It all started with a phone call between Rumen and George in early 2022. Quite a few years ago they wrote music together as band members in a teenage rock band in Plovdiv/Bulgaria, where they grew up. Unfortunately, they had to part ways as Rumen moved to Düsseldorf (Germany) and George moved to London (UK). During the said phone call, they decided to produce a song together for old times sake. Two weeks later, their first song was finished, with the expert help of professional drummer Julio Baterista, who lives in Bonn (Germany), and had been working together with Rumen on various projects for over 10 years. One song swiftly became two, two became three, and before they knew it, the trio had written enough tunes for an album, which is when they realised that this is no longer a quick small project, but something bigger. And that’s how Radiogeist came into existence.

The band`s Debut Single `Obsession` has been aired on hundreds of Radio Stations around the World, and has received terrific reaction from both – Radio DJs and their audiences.
The band`s 2nd Single “Today” is due to be released in November 2022.
Review: A powerful chorus kicks in straight away and sets us up for what evolves into an epic rock tune, with aggressive yet romantic drums, heavy guitars and a deep snarling bass line. The vocals are heartfelt and husky, and the lyrics are provocative and dark.

The 3rd single “Bully” will be released in December 2022, and a debut album in February 2023.

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