Puder (DE)

Liverecording, Puder Session Tapes #7 with Eliën (NL)Jorge da Rocha (ES) and Tiago Sampaio (PT)

Puder (DE) Catharina Boutari aka Puder is a musician, producer and opera director from Hamburg, Germany, running her own feminist record label, Pussy Empire Recordings. Born in Austria, Catharina combines diverse identities with a self-possessed verve, a skill she learned from her Egyptian father and German mother. As Puder she produces current international pop in a new way by defying the norms of traditional music recording processes and eschewing conventions in a format she calls the ”Puder Session Tapes”. 10-day collaboration songwriting sessions with musicians from Germany and throughout Europe to write songs from scratch in a limited time, then record them live in the studio, with guests in the recording room, and accompany them with a film documentary to give the audience an unflattering look behind the scenes from the beginning up to the liverecordings. Full risk, a great experience, lots of energy.

For session #7 she invites singer
 Eliën aka Élénie Wagner (NL) and doublebassplayer Jorge da Rocha (PRT/ESP) whom both she met at the artist residency at Westway Lab Showcase Festival in Portugal last year. Independent pop meets Jazz meets experimental world music meets electronic club sounds and beats. In Hamburg they’ll start the songwriting session one week prior to Future Echoes, to come up to the festival to for the grand liverecording finale.

The audience will have the chance to be part of the recording sessions and listen to the complete recording process through wireless/bluetooth headphones directly in the recording room or on stage together with the artists. Which means they will not only have a live music atmosphere but also see and feel the studio situation, hear all comments and instructions, all ups and downs which a recording process entails. The artists in turn feel the vibes and direct response of the audience, find themselves in a hybrid live and recording situation which is challenging and enriching at the same time. Or, like David Bowie said:

“ Always go a little bit further into the water than you’re feeling capable of going in. Go a little out in the depth and when you don’t feel your feet quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place for stunning excitement.

New single: Of Elephants and Monsters, Release 9.February

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