By friends and family NORA (NO) has always been described as a people person. She has always been a happy open book who loves a challenge and always have a story or two to share. Probably why her nickname amongst her closest is exactly that “the storyteller”. Something that highly reflects into her song writing.
Ever since she was a child, she has had a hustler energy, something she undoubtedly learnt from growing up with a single mother, in a crazy, fun, open and warm creative household. From the age of 17 she has worked as a professional singer and entertainer within all fields in the creative industry, had the oddest jobs and written and performed all kinds of music in all kinds of places. As long as she did what she loved, performing, and giving her all in the music, singing her little heart out, she didn’t care where she did it.

Speaking on her music, NORA says: “As an artist and as a listener I’ve always been drawn to the darker, crazier, more different side of songwriting, using traditional effects, sounds and instruments in alternative ways, for example a dial or a ringtone effect to make a beat, samples from the real world or from the studio.”
NORA was in some ways, to put it very on the nose, born into a girl power world where following your heart and your gut and never being afraid of being yourself, no matter how hard it may be, has been engraved by birth. Even with her name carefully chosen with its meaning of light, enlightenment and future, which is the reason she also chose to keep her birth name as her artist name. Being her empowered, “weird self”, as she puts it, is something she has found more and more important to share as she’s gotten older. Naturally this is then also something she portrays in her music, not just sonically, but visually.

With her early life rooted in Norway, so were NORA’s earliest musical achievements. From having one of her original tracks arranged by The Norwegian Royal Navy Orchestra along with a performance at The Firework Concert, to winning the Talent and Cultural Award for making a significant impact on creative and cultural life in her region of Norway. Being a business-minded woman, NORA also put on an entire music video premiere screening, inviting people from all over Norway, getting sponsorship deals to fund the drinks to the red carpet and booking Zahid Ali, a Norwegian stand-up comedian, to host the night.

With links to other Scandinavian territories, NORA’s single ‘Cracks’ had its first play at international film festival CPH: DOX in Copenhagen March 2022 as the Documentary No Place like homes Credit soundtrack, which has now been aired on multiple TV channels in Scandinavia this autumn. The Documentary has also had a busy year and been featured in several film festivals all around the world. From Sarajevo to Barcelona.

NORA has now after a big year of releases and a long wait after deciding to redevelop her sound and brand as an independent artist, finally released her debut EP named ”Boring Personality Disorder” on the 20th October 2022.

‘Boring Personality Disorder’ holds Norway-raised NORA’s notorious song-writing all in one place. Never shying away from her emotions, the 6-track EP bursts with NORA’s natural effervescence whilst touching on themes such as raw feelings, heartbreak, toxic relationships, dating, hook up culture and just being a woman today. This EP represents NORA’s journey through womanhood in a modern, saturated and confusing world. It quite literally is a collection of ‘pop art’. ( Quote – DSCTNT PR)

Talking on the EP, NORA says;
“This ep means a lot to me for many reasons. First of all, the
person I was when I first started writing it, is not the same person
I am today. Each track truly was a journey to a self-empowerment
I didn’t even know I had lost along the way of teenage years and
young adult life filled of heartbreak and struggling to not actually
wanting to fit in, but still feeling a pressure to”
NORA’s lust for life has resonated with fans and critics alike in the build-up to the EP, with support on already released tracks ‘Boys Getting Bored’, ‘Bad Man’ and ‘Feels Like’ from: Notion, Earmilk, Enfnts Terribles, House of Solo, LOCK Mag, Broke Magazine and more who all entered NORA’s fanbase with unfiltered excitement.

Releasing with the EP are three brand new tracks, unheard beyond the studio NORA created them in. ‘Baby Bitch’ unveils a darker shade of NORA as it calls to us to be the most badass versions of ourselves, with huge anthemic potential. Touching on her more vulnerable side, ‘BPD’ comes straight from NORA’s personal experience with mental health during a relationship, a powerful moment of catharsis. The second to last track is ‘Other Guys’, one of the only ballads on this EP.

“Real pop gems” – ENFNTS TERRIBLES
“Multicoloured pop brilliance” – EARMILK
“Quickly carving a glowing NORA shaped space in the current pop soundscape” – HOUSE OF SOLO

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