After having spent most of their youth brooding in sleepy provincial towns, 2019 saw them boldly stepping into international light with their mesmerizing third effort “Volant”. Brothers Anssi and Samuli Neuvonen found themselves leaving the land of thousand lakes, captivating a European audience with their warm, laconic, northern indie sound, and being constantly praised as one of the most talented acts coming out of Scandinavia.

They toured Europe with ecstatically reviewed gigs in Prague, Berlin, at SPOT Festival in Denmark and prestigious Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, they even made it to German TV. Suddenly the recluses from up north were all over the place – and Finland’s best kept indie secret was a secret no longer.

This time around, NEØV are venturing even further. They switched location for vibrant harbor metropolis Hamburg, comfortably snuggling up in Clouds Hill’s legendary recording facilities. Between the light of the twinkling stars above the Finnish wilderness and the cities that never sleep, they created their spellbinding fourth record “Picture of a Good Life”, the epitome of a Nordic indie symphony. In August 2020, the epic and wallowing album-opener ‘Marathon’ arrived as first single. It was followed by lustfully dark indie rock of ‘Burnt My Fingers’ and psychedelically drenched ‘Island’. The new album “Picture of a Good Life” was released on January 15, 2021.

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