Musketeer (AU/DE)

MUSKETEER (AU/DE). After several years of traveling and busking as a solo artist in cities around Europe, Australia & New Zealand – supporting such acts as Dustin Tebbutt (AU) and Half Moon Run (CA) – Musketeer has honed a songwriting craft rich with the pictures of the people, the history, and landscapes of those places wandered. In 2016, Musketeer formed a base – on stop-over – in the German port city of Hamburg. After releasing a debut entitled ‘Seven Long Years’ at the start of 2017, the Australian singer-songwriter quickly established a band in the Hanseatic city around a handful of folk-songs.

As well as performing regularly around Europe as a solo act, Musketeer also appears on stage with his fierce four-piece band.

In 2021 Musketeer released a second studio EP entitled, ‘The North Sea’ – A nordic inspired folk-rock record paying homage to the beauty and terror of the deep seas.

In 2022, Musketeer undertook his most ambitious tour to date. Together with longtime collaborators, Hamburg collective, ‘Pink Alligator’, Musketeer travelled 6000km on the road from Oslo To Istanbul. The group played 10 different shows and festivals, visited 15 different countries, recorded an album, and filmed the journey from start to finish. Musketeer shared the stage and collaborated with a swath of indie artists including, Lucas Laufen (AU), Jonas David (DE), Axel Flovent (IS) & french filmmaker Vincent Moon.

Musketeer is currently working on his full length debut, ‘Glorious Light’. Due in 2023.

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