Francis Tuan’s music sounds like stadium rock played in a garage. Soft and loud melodies cross with dirty sounds and a band’s energy. He writes about the present with irony, and through glasses of nostalgia about the past. From time to time, he reaches out for Vietnamese ethnic instruments, looking for what’s natural.

Francis is accompanied by three musical individualities. Paweł stomps the drums, Ajda dances with the bass, and Gabi taps the keyboard. Together they’ve been releasing music and performing in and out of Poland. Their name was among the line-ups of Open’er Festival, Halfway Festival, Slot Art Festival, Live at Heart (Sweden), Canadian Music Week or LiederLauschen (Germany) and many more. His releases include a mini-album Poems from 2017 containing the hit I Thank You God For Most This Amazing which charted the most influential Polish Top 30 of Radio Trójka. In 2020 he released the album Let’s Pretend, which was preceded by two singles Borders and First Mover (#1 on Radio Afera). This year he makes a come-back with Polish-language singles, which announce his next album due in 2023, set for release though alternative label Karrot Kommando. The first single Lody naturalne released on Aug. 2nd went straight to #1 on Radio Afera.

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