Edvin Bergsland (SE) was launched as a solo artist on the label Katcha Arts in the fall of 2021 and despite the short time that has passed, he has managed to do a lot. Edvin had time for several bookings and sessions with songwriters and producers in the winter of 2021, and this spring saw the release of the debut single ”Du & jag (jag och du)” which also received the audience vote record in the competition P4-next. The song is the result of many hours in the studio together with Kenny Lundström (Kapten Studios, Norrköping). Edvin entered Future Echoes as the last booking in 2021 and did so well that agents for major booking companies were interested.

He began his career as a frontman and songwriter in the rock group Zero Destiny, which was put on hold in 2017 to make way for the pop project Norra Promenaden, where he as a songwriter and guitarist released songs that, at the time of writing, have been played over 100,000 times on Spotify. Together with friends and colleagues, Edvin runs the management and artist agency Katcha Arts in Norrköping. In addition to all this, he also released the song ”Husbil” in the summer of 2021, which was written together with the former frontman in Norra Promenaden, Malin Andersson.



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