Raised in Nottingham, singer/songwriter Drew Thomas (UK) leads the charge of DIY rock musicians making waves across the alternative scene through hard work and powerful song-writing.

Taking inspiration from the likes of The Killers, Radiohead and the intimacy of Bon Iver, Drew’s knack for writing arena sized choruses and nostalgic lyrics steals the listener’s attention immediately, merging passionate vocals and emotional soundscapes with a darker twist; spilling tales of rejection, broken relationships and addiction.

Drew’s latest offering “All My Friends”, produced alongside Natt Webb (The Struts, Isaac Anderson and Kelsey Karter) and Charlie Thomas (Calum Scott, Sam Fischer), is the first taste of Drew’s upcoming third EP.

He confesses, “All My Friends is about watching all of your mates starting to build homes, make families and have kids but refusing to settle down yourself. It’s about still having the party lifestyle and getting drunk every night but feeling left behind by the people you used to love.”

Exploring deeper themes into the expectations of the heteronormative narratives, he continues, “To me, it’s also had a deeper meaning the more I’ve played it because, for the LGBTQ+ community, it’s not as simple and straightforward as settling down whenever you want and naturally end up resenting stereotypical relationship culture as a result.”

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