Cheap Tobacco (PL)

CHEAP TOBBACO (PL) Their singer has been hailed as the best female blues voice in Poland (four times over) but… they don’t play the blues… As a band they have been nominated for the most important music award in Poland – Fryderyk – for ”Album of the Year”… but… they didn’t win… They almost did huge career but … you know…last two years happened. It’s hard to put any label on them. They found perfect connection between vintage and modern sounds. But it goes without saying – it’s music on the highest level with fire, a kick and a vibrant, magnetic and earthy female voice.

They played at Sziget Festival, Canadian Music Week, and numerous concerts around Poland.

It all started when the man asked a woman if she knew ”Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix. Well…. she sure did. So they played the song together, and that was the beginning of the most important journey of their life – this journey called ’Cheap Tobacco’. Natalia, Robert, Michael and Bartek have their own story to tell, but together they create something unique. They put so much passion, love and friendship into their music that the audience always feels it and falls in love with their music.

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