Catalina Cara (RO)

Catalina Cara (RO)

is a rising artist, born on the 29th of February, 1992 in Chisinau, Moldova. After starting singing at a very young age she made her official debut at 15 years old, with ”Plecarea”, the single that propelled her and became an instant success in Moldova. It was soon followed at the age of 18 by the cover version of Vanessa Paradis’ classic “Joe Le Taxi” which topped the charts of Russian radios and was also met with enthusiasm in countries such as Denmark, Serbia and Bulgaria. Her journey as an artist was still contouring when she decided to go to the next level by studying in London – where she graduated from Bellerbys College in 2010 and Music and Drama at Kingston University in 2013. Her post-graduation endeavor was to focus and find her identity as an artist. The phase came to completion in 2020 when she started working on her first EP which she symbolically named Leap Year Baby.

She is currently working with some of the best music producers in Romania at Yin Creatif (the formula behind the successful project Golan), who fully share her vision. Catalina is 100% involved in the creative process, writing most of her songs and being actively involved in the production area.

Her debut EP, a dream pop experience, was literally born in the middle of a forest. The first song that came to life was Swing Sway and it beautifully sets the tone for the overall experience of her music – navigating through deep emotions, dreaming of better tomorrows, on a quest for the beauty of youth and the liberation that love brings.

Catalina’s love for nature and desire for living and loving authentically pervades the mood of every song, inviting us to look deeply into ourselves, feel the feelings and embrace the endless possibilities of our soul.

Catalina’s first single release from her latest EP was When You Give Me Love in January 2022. The EP followed a month later and was critically acclaimed by ELLE Magazine, Glamour, SoHo Radio, DanceFM, Swanodown, Death or Desire and more, while the five original songs included on the EP were added to more than 1000 Spotify Playlists.

The live version of the Leap Year Baby EP was released in May 2022 together with Kronendach, the German online platform, part of the Funke Media Group, a platform that supports sustainable projects in all fields, built on eco-friendly principles.

Leap Year Baby was re-released to include a brand-new song, Hope It’s Gonna Be You, just before summer 2022 and in time for the beginning of the festival season as Catalina performed on the stages of Romanian Fashion Week, The Fresh – Spring Festival, Sierra Fest – Greece, Electric Castle Festival, Summer Well Festival, Analogue Festival and more.

Smooth Operator, a dance cover version of the classic SADE song and shortly after its release, it reached #5 in Chicago’s Nexus Radio and also 3 on Clubbing TV in France with the video.

Faith is her latest release; the song has been already added to the playlists on Romanian radio and music TV stations. Influencers from Moldova and Romania supported the single by being part of a campaign with the #faithinlove and the song was also included in over 100 Spotify playlists in less than one week from launch.  

Her release schedule for the upcoming months is already bustling of new music, remixes, cover versions, live sessions and more, so you can follow and listen to Catalina Cara here: &

Her live act consists of tracks and live instruments guitar, drums, 2 backing vocals and of course her live voice and a sound engineer.

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