AIKO (CZ). Aiko’s approach towards music has always been that way; full-hearted, raw lyrics coming directly from her, combined with soft yet dramatic vocals and production, that further develop into alternative, electronic pop. Growing as an independent musician, Aiko values finding the power within yourself and aspires to bring this message to the people. An important topic that has been scattered across her lyrics and visuals has been female empowerment, connecting to your roots, embracing and finding your true self. Playing with contrasts and dynamics, one of the most prominent features of the songs are, of course, her vocals.

Aiko’s roots come from Moscow, growing into the Czech Republic and blossoming in London. “I’ve always been attracted to big cities and it’s the liveliness of London that magnetized me”. 

Given a lot of traveling and exploration, various cultural backgrounds, Aiko often takes inspiration from being on the road, constant change of location and solitude. Counting in where she comes from, her music is a melting pot of cultures and influences from all of her different backgrounds.

Endless flow and grace in movement, the beauty of the moment. As Aiko describes, dance has always been present in her life and felt like a physical extension of music. Her love for contemporary dance started with pole dancing lessons, so it makes sense that a recent addition to her shows has been, well, pole dancing. To her, it symbolizes female strength and a form of self-expression which fits perfectly into the narrative that Aiko wants to portray on stage.

We must not forget to mention Aiko’s captivating visual aesthetic that comes to life in her music videos intertwined and connected with the expression through dance.

“I believe that visuals come hand in hand with the music, it’s a complete package. I often think of the visuals while creating the song and it’s very satisfying when you can see your idea come to life a few months later”.

A special thanks also go to all the fans who supported each release over the past years, as well as the brands who related to Aiko’s story and contributed in their own ways to the projects she created – to name a few, L’Occitane, Vemzu, OSA, Red Bull.

Being a fashionista herself, Aiko always strives to dress according to her brand and never fails to impress. With her outfit picks being boldly strong in character, and above all, inspiration to her female following, showing the strength and charisma in the way she carries herself and her clothes.

We can say that the combination of aesthetics, hard work and dedication to her music has brought Aiko many notable press features including renowned magazine names such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle.

Fulfilling one of her childhood dreams, Aiko has been featured across Times Square billboards thanks to Spotify’s Equal campaign which gave her a feature with its launch. With all that buzz going on it is a logical consequence to mention now that you can catch Aiko’s new and past releases across different radio and TV stations as well as various playlists on different streaming platforms across many territories globally.

To conclude, the absolute best way to exchange energy, feel the experience of what Aiko is and to listen to her music is to experience one of her live shows. Having many gigs under her belt and performing for years, she has played at festivals such as Waves Vienna, Sziget festival, Nouvelle Prague, and shared the stage with artists such as Black Honey, Lauren Ruth Ward and Tamino. If this wasn’t enough to get you buzzing, make sure to check out where she’s playing next and be a part of the Aiko story, immersed, excited and empowered by everything she is.

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