With over 35 years of experience in the music industry, Peter Åstedt has established himself as a prominent figure. At the young age of fifteen in 1990, he founded Dead Frog Records, which remains one of Sweden’s oldest and most enduring record labels to this day.
Peter has been at the forefront of the digital revolution within the music industry, uploading his first mp3 in 1995 and contributing to the development of one of the first legal platforms for mp3 sales. His expertise spans across all facets of the music industry, from digital distribution to the creation of sales systems for physical distribution.
His diverse portfolio includes serving as a music supervisor for major projects and placing songs for the world’s largest advertising campaigns. Music he represented has been featured in prestigious events such as the Olympics, Super Bowl, Milano Fashion Week, Coca Cola, Rimmel London, United Airlines, BMW as well as numerous movies and TV series. Peter has also made significant contributions to publishing and has conducted writing camps for established stars.
In addition to his roles as a manager and business developer, Peter actively collaborates with cities to foster music development. His roster boasts legendary artists, and he has acted as a consultant to some of the world’s largest record labels as well as worked with five of the most streamed songs in the world. Peter’s expertise and reputation have led him to speak at over 60 showcase festivals worldwide, including the five largest events in the industry. He has also been a guest teacher at leading music universities globally, solidifying his influence and knowledge. Furthermore, he curates and books several showcase festivals across the globe, further showcasing his ability to curate and present exceptional musical talent.
Peter shares his insights and perspectives through his popular music blog with 25,000 readers mainly from the music industry.


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