After years of working in different areas of the music industry, Jesper Skibsby came across a huge gap in the market: the lack of accurate radio monitoring data. When his own band discovered that they were being played on radios in Poland, he realized the urgent need for real radio airplay data in the industry, so he created WARM. With the aim of bringing transparency to a world dominated by big companies and where streaming data seemed to be the only data that matters he started his entrepreneurial journey. Three years later, here he is, leading an international team with a special mix of passion, knowledge, innovation and, that being said… a bit of craziness

WARM is the radio monitoring platform with the biggest coverage on the market: from college radios to national stations, WARM monitors more than 29.000 radio stations in 167 countries. WARM aims to democratize the music industry by giving the power to the independent sector to access their radio data in real-time. With this marketing intelligence tool, record labels, radio promotion, management companies, etc. are able to identify promising markets for their artists, optimize their PR and marketing strategies as well as plan events and collect their royalties. Through Audio fingerprinting and Music recognition technology, WARM users can see where, when, and for how long their music has been played on the radio, all around the world.


Future Echoes is showcase brand that organize events that shape the future if the music industry.

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