Equipped with a wealth of experience from her 20+ year career within the industry, there feels like no better time for Phyllis Belezos to launch her innovative new venture. Phyllis is an independent international agent of significant repute that has over two-decades-long vast unsurpassed experience in live music. She is a genuine nurturing considerate professional who seeks to represent her client’s advancement in an honest and fair manner.

She also dedicates time in her busy schedule to work alongside the Music Venues Trust, a most deserving cause in these compromised Covid Times.

Having developed extensive knowledge across several areas of the industry, there are few individuals better positioned to offer such valuable guidance on how to maximise your potential as an artist.

Born and raised in Boston, MA, Belezos’ early passion for music and entertainment started at legendary rock radio station WBCN and lead to a move to LA where she worked in Entertainment law, TV & Film Development and the International Music Dept at William Morris Agency, before arriving in the UK for a near two-decade-long stint as a Live Agent at ITB.

Working with an eclectic range of artists throughout including Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men, Massive Attack, Fatboy Slim, Bjork, Ice T, Nancy Sinatra and Robert Plant, as well as her own roster of acts which have included Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent, Brandi Carlile, Bernhoft, WAR, Sam Palladio, Vintage Trouble, Emiliana Torrini and House of Pain, Belezos has certainly developed a formidable reputation, with Heliocentric set to mark a thrilling new phase in an already impressive career.

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