Kaj Sivervik (SE) started promoting shows back in the alternative 90’s, and progressed into releasing seven inch and LPs before vinyl got cool again. He’s one of the founders of Almost Religious Label Group – containing The Sign Records, Lövely Records and Gaphals. During his time, so far, he’s been involved in over 500 physical releases, while also still promoting live shows. Kaj has promoted well over 1000 shows in Sweden in later years under the name City To City.
Kaj keeps himself busy outside of the record labels and promoting by taking seats like Board Member of SOM, Chairman of the Election Committee of Svensk Live, and as Board Member of Studiefrämjandet. By now he has tons of experience regarding music NGO’s in Sweden, and has taken to consulting for other culture and music organizations on subjects as project management, financing and organization structure. He spent a number of years teaching Music Label science at Campus Nyköping.
When there’s been free time, Kaj’s toured back and forth across Europe with raw punk and hardcore bands, playing squats, demolition houses and backyards, and all the while developing his understanding of hard work and dedication.
Do not take this text for the bragging of a man. Kaj only learnt so much from the countless mistakes he keeps on making – nothing more, nothing less.

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