Alexandra Weber (DE), studied fashion design M.A. at Hochschule Hannover, Germany.
Her slow fashion label Alextravagant combines her love for fashion, music and dance. In her career as freelance she worked for metalbands like Grailknights and Van Canto as well as electro popband Wezn. Created costumes for a kids ballett or made new designs for a boys choir. She toured with small and big bands through Germany and Europe as live merchandiser, as well.
The label Alextravagant also takes part into design and consulting for new, sustainable and innovative merchandise ideas. From the collaboration with the artists, she develops creative techniques for her own Alextravagant merchandise upcycling collection. The line is dedicated to all the sort out merchandise items from bands and festivals and gives them a second life. Various creative techniques make t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and more into new favorites. Alexandra sees a lot of catching up to do towards more sustainability in the music industry, whether on stage or at the merch stand.
Music is a driving force in all our lives. It is bread for the soul. Merchandise transports the connection between fan and artist. A good stage outfit underlines the character of the artist and visualize their music.
The question is: Who made these clothes? Under which work conditions? What happens with unsold or sort out clothes?
In this Think Tank, Alexandra gives some insides into the problems of fast fashion and show some solutions out of it.

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