Last week Nicky Minaj refused to do one of her biggest hits “Starship” since it’s stupid she said from the stage. Not only that she also dislikes her other hit “Anaconda” only the video was good enough for the star. I don’t know if she has grown out of the songs. But I bet it will come that “it’s not her any longer” pretty soon in some interview.

Here you have a problem that you bump into quite often. The latest song is the best song according to the artist, if it is or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s the latest that the artist wants to play. The problem is that the audience feels differently, and in the end, they are the ones that should be entertained.

Depeche Mode doesn’t think “Just Can’t Get Enough” is their best song, but they have to play it. Lemmy never thought “Ace of Spades” was the best song they had done, but he understood that they had to play it for the fans.

The problem is when you have newer and more unknown artists. Here it can be that people only know one song, the only song the recognize and in the fast pace of the world you need to get recognition pretty fast. Abandoning a smaller hit can be devastating.

But it’s very common. I get small artists to change their video that is very good to something not that good just because it contains the newest song. What they don’t rely on is that they are not seen from the best view. Same on the radio station, I wanted to play the most familiar song, and the artist wanted the last superlong remix to be played.

Many times it comes up, well that song is not me, or what I do now. Sorry, but your career will change and everything you do will be part of that career. If you want to erase something you have to change the name and change everything and start from scratch. At the same time, the audience understands that you are changing and doing different stuff, it’s part of the artistic evolution. So instead of dropping thinks like Nicki Minaj, embrace it and do your thing. If people like old stuff, let them like that and try to present some new stuff and after a while, it probably will work, and they like whatever you are right now.