-And yet we don’t see any of our allies in the power positions.

It was said in an Equality panel speech at a conference during the autumn. Right now I feel that we are going backwards in the equality and diversity work, but why? During this panel, It all dawned on me, that there are new players coming into the industry and this doesn’t suit the forces that just use fancy words to just own the question.

The next thing that happened was that someone asked about the new subject diversity. The answer was that there was not totally equality in the right positions, so diversity must wait.

So here is where it hurts. Equality is not enough it should also be the right people in the positions. There is a difference between a woman in the CEO position from another woman in the CEO position. It is super easy to find role models today and women that do remarkable careers. But these women are not right. No, they haven’t been educated or should I say converted inside the organizations that want to own the question.

A couple of times I have been highlighting these women. I thought that these organizations then would share that or at least point out that they exist. Instead, every time these organizations have worked against me. They were talking shit behind our back about the ones we have suggested. Try to make their own events to draw attention from events that use the other ones. Even when I picked people from their lines, it was just treated with silence since it was not a hundred percent of their people.

Suddenly it’s pretty clear that gender equality is only right if it is the right person from the club according to these programs. Like the passage in the animal farm, all animals are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others. The big threat right now is that diversity is asking to join the dance. It won’t be that easy to take over and just own the question when even more people step up and want to take space and have their voices heard.

Luckily the business is protecting itself. When diversity is not counted for certain organizations, we see several different initiatives joining ranks and starting to talk. They are taking up the fight just like guerrilla groups and lock in targets to take back the question, so it’s not owned by a particular group.

The problem I have is this work is going slower just because some people have hijacked the question and now have become power-mad. It sounds like a really bad Illuminati story of Dan Brown, but this is going on with the support of quite many government organizations thinking they work for equality when it’s about a few people who want to own the question and the support money.