It’s the time of the year when my social media usually is overfilled with artists who is putting out signs about their Spotify stats. Already a couple of years ago it was really annoying, like who cares about your stats? But something has happened, this year is not that many. And second, several artists have written long posts about why they don’t want to post these stats in the feed. Mainly because they don’t want to give Spotify free publicity when they get so low payment.

I don’t know if this is just a social media bubble at my place that these stats are not shown and I’m getting more of these negative statements from artists since I read them carefully. I think it might have to do with what is going on. Spotify starts to get old and artists are getting tired of just getting breadcrumbs out from the system when the guy next door doing fart sounds makes pretty good money.

For me, Spotify was over already in 2017. The year after we started to make the biggest hits on streaming, and you just knew it was all cheating. When that happens, you know it will start going away. I started to speak about it at conferences, but most people were in born-again hallelujah mode that streaming would be an easy way to find listeners and get paid.

Today I have stopped using Spotify, I’m using Youtube as my primary listening source, and hey there you can also see a video if you like. Even without proof and my suspicion of the bubble, it feels like Spotify is very struggling. Yesterday they fired twenty percent of their workforce, around 1600 people. Earlier this autumn they fired people from their pod section, the part that according to Spotify is the most listened-to part of the service.

On top of that Tiktok is releasing its listing service, it’s said to be out in June. Other people are also talking about how Spotify now is for sale since they need money to develop their platform which essentially not has changed since the start. Also, they are trimming the rules to try to get rid of the farting neighbor guy. Still, it just feels like Spotify is old and like a huge sinking ship. The new generation of kids are not talking about Spotify. Music is a soundtrack that is in all their services in different forms and shapes. What is the biggest point is that no one is asking for representatives from Spotify to speak at their conferences, and you just see amateur conferences have them making free commercial talks with some local representatives. Yes, here you see the Spotify reputation makes the logo just flake away.