It was a big gala for Swedish music yesterday, the gala that is held by the national radio. Over the years it has been a pretty big thing, but this year they moved it back to Stockholm and put it in a smaller place. And to be totally honest, I didn’t even know it was happening. How I knew it happened was that I was waiting for a clip to render and read the whole online newspaper. In the end in a galaxy far far way in the bottom of the paper, there it as who won the gala.

Of course, most of the artist on a national gala like this just becomes the local artist from the capital. I actually don’t know any of them since they don’t have an international career of any sort. Still, I get a feeling that that is not the problem. The problem is that music is no longer relevant. The world only cares if you are the top 50 artists in the world. Because if Talyor Swift suddenly had appeared at the gala, even just as a guest I bet that would have been at the top of the ranking on the newspaper. But this is what it is, local and global, national is not counting.

I checked then the other newspaper as well, we have two dominant ones in Sweden. Same there they had just put it somewhere ridiculously low. They didn’t even care about reporting who won, no they were busy talking how all the people were dressed.

Also, that is in the new things. Everything is reported and looked like a social media post. How the guests were dressed of course works great as those posts. And I guess this is where music now has come to, just to be some background to a social media clip.

Of course, the whole media landscape is shattered. But also, media bubbles make things harder to reach. Sorry, I didn’t get anything on social media around the gala, even though I know people who were there and if I seek actively, I will find posts around it. Still, the keyword here I need to actively search. Because of the bubble I where not even aware it was happening. The algorithms decided that I was not interested in this.

I don’t know how much good music and good artists I miss out on because of this algorithmic shadow. If I miss out, you can just imagine how much a normal person misses out. The effect we already know. Report has come several times that we only listened to 2% new music last year and it’s going down. In the end, it will be all music that will be out there will come from past decades. Not much new except for some stupid viral crazy frog song that will break through.27282728

In reality, no I haven’t heard the latest songs by Taylor Swift, since they don’t reach my bubble. I haven’t even heard the song that Max Martin has with Ariana Grande and broke the world record with. It doesn’t reach my bubble. I have actively sought to find it. But then the algorithms just bash me with millions around that topic and then just leave it.

Sorry, it doesn’t look that good for music. I guess we are going underground in a new phase to fight back to get music value. Not so much how the guests on a gala are dressed.