I just bumped into the typical new racism inside the new music industry a panel about diversity & inclusion. Isn’t it a good topic, yes it is, if you didn’t put five people in the panel with the same background making it not any diverse or including.

To make it worse and just put in also that these five people come from the same organization where they actively working for just their type of people who should speak and be heard. Even highjack EU funding and restrict them for other people to even be able to apply for that money so their people have a benefit on the market. Wouldn’t that be illegal? You would think so, but the old boys club was doing things like that so why not just keep that work up?

One of the things I work really hard on is to have different people on our panels in our discussion and on the board. But by doing that I get worked against since I don’t get an exclusive file for their people. To be honest though since they highjacked that found and trained a small army of like-minded the competence inside is not that high. Putting them on panels will get the information and knowledge to be very low or even worse a totally homogeneous panel with a low same knowledge.

I just feel that we can today actually make it to become much more diverse and including if we just got rid of all the organizations that say that they are doing it but in reality have a hidden agenda to make things more homogeneous since they are afraid to lose the power.