Better to do something wrong than nothing at all. The line is from a band that I worked with several years ago. And they always get nothing done and were very progressive.  And they are saying is so very true, as long no one is physically hurt or dead everything could be fixed. The problem today is that everybody is aiming to be flawless and with AI it’s easier and easier to be that. The problem is that many are doing nothing just waiting to be perfect.

One band that I talked to, and I asked why didn’t post so much on social media. The only time they posted was when they had a show on most of the time in the same style. First, they had a system in which everybody in the band had a say about each post which resulted in very long discussion threads about each post. So long that in the end, people stopped reading and, in the end, nothing was posted. When it was showtime then the post must go out, but to be safe that everybody in the band liked it they did all post in almost the same style.

They were so afraid that something would look wrong that nothing was done, and, in the end, it just became very unproductive, so unproductive that it hurt their fanbase.

I see this behavior all over the place right now. To be honest it should be illegal to be boring and be correct. Slimy cod in a toaster I write what I want. It seems in the way we behave also no one wants to stick out. Instead, most people copy other people both in style and performance. Right now, every damn kid is copying Blink 142 and I have received at least ten new songs with poor Blink 142 sound and look alike. Be inspired by Blink 142 and develop something new, don’t try to be a direct carbon copy.

And the best things are mistakes. Everybody has seen the famous photo of Ramones hanging at a brick wall. It’s iconic and has been copied countless times. The truth is that it was taken around the corner from CBGS back in the day. Roberta Bayley who took the shoot asked the band to pose. Sorry, The Ramones never knew how to pose and just hung there. Later that becomes iconic. They look really cool, In the second picture though Dee Dee Ramone is scraping off the dog shit he stepped in. The famous eagle that the Ramones use as a logo is also a mistake. They didn’t have money to take pictures, so they went to a photo booth to take pictures. Now iconic. Then Arturo Vega styled it with the baseball bat, just because Johnny liked baseball. Today things like this would be erased.

We are going to have copies with no original. One producer that has done some of the biggest songs in the world just said, after mid 90:s music just stopped to evolve, before people developed now they try to copy.