Future Echoes pushed to 2022

So it is with regret that we unfortunately have to share with you that we are obliged to move our Future Echoes Showcase Festival from September 16 to 18 – 2021 to February 17 to 19 -2022. Unexpectedly the government of Sweden released late last week that they will prolong the restriction laws in Sweden until January 2022. All information that we had received up until this date from the government is that the laws and restrictions would be removed by the 15th September at the latest.

With these restrictions this would mean that we could only have concerts with a maximum of 50 people in the audience (depending on the venue) and without alcohol service. Other venues would be seated with even less capacity and social distancing measures. With those restrictions, it would still not have enough capacity for all the artists and delegates that would be attending and the experience would not be the optimum for anyone. These new restrictions also mean that we could no longer have neither the conferences nor day events that were scheduled.

With such short notice as you may imagine we have checked different solutions. No alternatives were found that could create the right showcase festival experience.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused but we feel it’s the safest and best way to proceed given the situation. We are moving the whole festival to the new dates. That means if you are able to come in February, you are automatically in the 2022 lineup. Once again we regret to inform you of this news and would really like you to be part of Future Echoes next February.

What will be kept in September will be called Future Echoes light. We have two stages open with restriction rules open for the public no ticket sales, just maximum 50 people a show on Friday and Saturday. A couple of delegates will still get to the festival and we will have special safe covid workshop with these