Future Echoes announce four new speakers for the festival.

Future Echoes is pleased to reveal four new speakers for the festival. Javier Lorbada from Spain, Dan Fintescu from Romania, Mia Ternström from Sweden and Simon Gurney from UK.

– ” We have a broad program of topics on this year’s festival. These four industry pros have a very wide knowledge and can help any artist in their career in many ways”, says Peter from Future Echoes.

More about the four speakers:

Javier Lorbada

Javier directed the Sol Música television channel during 17 years for Spain and Portugal as well as working for other different radio and TV stations including the Spanish Edition of MTV Magazine. As a music journalist collaborating with top newspapers and interviewing artists such as Madonna, Lou Reed, Shakira, Janet Jackson. Now he is digital and online communication coordinator for artists, brands, events, exhibitions and festivals, and collaborating curator, making official playlists for streaming platforms.

Mia Ternström

Mia Ternström is Keychange Project Manager and Promoter of Music for Young Audiences at Musikcentrum Öst. Musikcentrum Öst is a Swedish non-profit organisation for freelance musicians and part of Musikcentrum Sweden which represents more than 550 acts of professional freelance musicians from all over Sweden. Musikcentrum was founded in 1970 and the organisation aims to put live music on all venues by promoting its members and initiate projects that reinforces musicians and in 2017, Musikcentrum Öst was one of the initiating organisations behind the Keychange project. Mia is also a singer, actor and performer in various genres and have toured, produced and performed since 1998.

Dan Fintescu

Dan is a Radio DJ for the number one Romanian station he is also an artist manager, a booking agent and the main moderator and organizing partner of Mastering the Music Business (MMB) which is a showcase festival in Romania.

Simon Gurney

Simon has spent 15 years at BBC Studios – the commercial arm of the BBC – looking after their music licensing (outward) and synchronization (outward) functions for a catalog of 2 million or so music recordings. Prior to that, he spent 7 years at EMI Records looking after music licensing before 8 years at 3 dance labels (Ministry Of Sound, Distinct’ive and DMC) looking after business affairs, licensing (in and out), and synchronization in various capacities.

Future Echoes

Future Echoes is Sweden’s new showcase festival that kicks off the 16-18th September 2021 in Norrköping, Sweden. The festival will be held annually in February starting in 2022. The festival will have 100 artists from around the world and an international music conference with international speakers. The festival is held at several venues in central Norrköping. Applications from nearly 2000 bands from 60 different countries have already been received and applications will stay open until June. The festival has gotten off to a good start and already has several international collaborations with artist exchanges, through the collaboration with the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in Norrköping. Since the start in June 2020, Future Echoes has already been represented at international showcase festivals both in panels and with exchanges with Swedish artists. 

Future Echoes is run by the non-profit association Discover Sensation and is produced in collaboration with the Norrköping company United Vision AB and 3Notes in Belgium.