Cashbox Magazine Legacy Award To Be Presented in Norrköping during Future Echoes

The legendary music icon Cashbox Magazine will hold its award ceremony during Future Echoes in Norrköping, Sweden. The award has been presented by Cashbox Magazine Canada in recent years and with a focus on major Canadian successes. In 2021, the prestigious award will be given to a person in the international music industry for their work. The award ceremony will take place during the showcase festival Future Echoes in Norrköping on 16 to 18 September. The announcement of the winner will be during spring 2021.

“This is a highly coveted award that we take very seriously when adjudicating who will receive this next,” says Sandy Graham CEO and Editor in Chief of Cashbox Canada. “We have given out a very limited series awards to date in the last few years from legendary music icons and industry people in Canada. This is the very first time we will be expanding to a global level to give this to someone who has shown to be a person of influence, a supporter of music and is regarded by their peers and colleagues with great regard. I am thrilled to be able to do this in Norrköping, Sweden during Future Echoes as it proves once again that music truly has no borders.”

“That we will have the honor of holding the first international Cashbox Legacy Award at our premiere year is more than we could imagine. It is a legendary music brand that puts the festival on the world map,” says Peter Åstedt from Future Echoes.

About Cashbox Magazine

Cashbox Magazine was started in 1942 and published charts of the most played songs in Jukeboxes. The name Cashbox comes from the box inside the jukeboxes where the coins fell down. Cashbox Magazine came to dominate the American music industry with competitor Billboard Magazine for several decades. In 2006, Cashbox was turned into an online publication but has published special issues physically often around major industry events. The magazine has been spun off to other territories where Cashbox Magazine Canada has become the leading publication that now writes about artists and transferred the top lists to Cashbox Radio, which is the magazine’s radio station. Sandy Graham of Cashbox Canada is also the co-owner of the American Icon publication, Record World Magazine.

Cashbox Legacy Award

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