Covid information

Covid Restrictions in Sweden.

Future Echoes 2022 will be following all the Covid Restrictions in place. We also don’t know what the final restrictions might be around the festival so we adapt along the way what the government is applying.

The restrictions right now are:

Since every gig place has more than 20 capacity, you need to present a Covid pass. Covid pass means that you have had two vaccination doses. The documentation can be on paper or in digital form on your phone. We will check all Covid passes when you collect your festival wristband and pass. This wristband then covers you to enter all the venues. We also appreciate it if you see that a lot of people make sure to keep a distance to avoid crowds.

All the audience must be seated.

Each table can only seat a maximum of 8 people in a group.

There must be 1m between the tables.

The capacity depends of course on the space/venue and how many tables there are.  We also advise not to gather in hallways and other spaces. If you want to talk to someone, take a seat so we are not moving around so much.

Future Echoes is showcase brand owned by Discover Sensation.

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