Apply to play

Apply to play

We are looking for all genres of music. We would love to have so much space that we can take in all the great music out there. Unfortunately, it’s not possible.
We have more goals we also want to achieve. For example, we will try to be as equal as possible. Getting 50% male and 50% female performances and we have some spots for Non-Binary artists as well. Feel free to add that in the questions we ask in the application process.
We have also some dedicated spots for artists in the region Östergötland that are reserved for local artists.
We will give the accepted artists one gig. We hope to be able to give them extra gigs as well.

We look for original artists. We are going to be the festival where you find new cool artists.

What is a showcase festival? It’s not your normal festival. A normal festival tries to get as many big names as possible to sell as many tickets as possible. A showcase festival is an event point where the music industry meets. Of course, many want their new connections to see their product, so a lot of shows are happening. In Future Echoes case, we will sell tickets to the normal audience to see these shows. The money from the tickets is to support the cost of the festival production. It’s not the main source of income for Future Echoes. Why we get the general people to see the shows is so that the artist has a chance to make the show as realistic as possible with an audience and gain a potential new fan base. The normal audience though is not our main priority and that is the reason why we can book a totally unknown name to our festival if we think that our industry people will have an interest in the artist.  The artist we take confirm we also encourage to market themselves as much as possible both with the industry people that are there, but also with the general public that buys tickets to get a crowd in front of your stage. Of course, Future Echoes has media partners, posters, and marketing but there are over 100 artists and we give them all a push, but it’s also up to the artist to make it all happen.

See our info movie here

Have that in mind when you apply, we don’t take a totally unknown artist for the Swedish territory as a headliner. Don’t set a super high amount or try to cover your travel expenses or lodging with a fee.  A showcase is to get your product further promoted. The fee that you get is free passes to the whole conference. Access to our delegate database to contact people you find interesting at the festival. Also, we get each band a free delegate pass for their manager, etc that wants to tag along to represent the artist in these business meetings. So, if there is a possibility for you to come for free, put that in.

All shows are 45 min and then 15 min change over. No, we can’t let you in earlier to prepare your stage. On showcase festivals you expect the artist to be able to do a changeover and the line-check in 15 min. We have drumkits without breakables, amps, and mics.  If you take a longer time, it will be
on your time slot and you get less time to perform. We cut the concert at the exact time. And this is because if we run overtime the last artist might not get to play. We recommend the artist to train to do the changeover. The really professional ones usually do it in under ten minutes.

We have some slots for the INES project. Bands that are in the INES project and chosen as our INES selection are getting the normal INES benefits and payments. Read more about INES here

Our applications go through Gigmit. No, you don’t need a pro account or pay to apply to play on Future Echoes on Gigmit. Gigmit is our primary source to book artists for Future Echoes.
If you can apply through Gigmit that is the best choice. Mainly becuse we are able to communicate better on Gigmit with the artist and a bigger part of our team is looking there.

Here you can apply for Future Echoes: Go to Gigmit Application Page.

If you have a reason not to be able to go through Gigmit we have a other appliction process here. Don’t apply on both it won’t get you better chance.

Apply on Future Echoes form

Future Echoes is Sweden’s new showcase festival that kicks off the 16-18th September, 2021 in Norrköping, Sweden. The festival but will be held annually in February starting in 2022.

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