A map of all the gig places on Future Echoes 2024

Broadway – Bråddgatan 26

Broadway has two stages, upstairs and downstairs.

Since 1946, café and confectionery activities have been conducted at Bråddgatan 26. The place is now inspired by the fantastic 50s, with checkered floors and the obligatory jukebox. In the good old days, the band Eldkvarn used to hang out here and it was their favorite confectionery. Broadway has two stages during Future Echoes, the bar stage, and in the basement.
On Thursday from 3 PM to 8 PM, we have a ticket office at Broadway where you can exchange your QR ticket for a valid wristband.


Café Täppan – Bredgatan 52

Café Täppan was purchased in the spring of 2021 by Anna Flodin, a dream that came true overnight. In the spring of 2022, Jenny Pajula joined as a co-owner, and slowly but surely, we are building up our brand and welcoming you to our living room along the river.

Both of us have a community-oriented mindset, where we actively engage in the good work of other organizations.

We are passionate about the positive force in society and strive to make ourselves available where we can contribute to making a difference.

Our conscious choice – Beans and Brains

The coffee and tea served and sold at Täppan are in collaboration with the Brain Foundation, and for every kilogram of coffee sold, 10 SEK goes to the Brain Foundation.

Café Täppan is one of our daytime venues with free entry on Wednesday and Thursday. At Täppan, if you have purchased a ticket, you can exchange your QR ticket on your mobile for a valid wristband from 12:00 to 17:00 both Wednesday and Thursday

Cnema – Kungsgatan 56

CNEMA is the film activity of Norrköping Municipality and belongs to the Culture and Leisure Committee in Norrköping. CNEMA is also a member of the international network Europa Cinemas.

The cinema is beautifully situated in the area around Norrköping’s Visualization Center C and Linköping University. CNEMA is a unique activity in Sweden that stimulates and enriches the film and media culture in Norrköping and Östergötland. Read more about what we do below.

During Future Echoes, we have a ticket office and check-in for artists, delegates, and invited guests at Cnema. During daytime on Friday and Saturday, we have our conference with lectures, panel discussions, and speed meetings here.

Cromwell House – Kungsgatan 36

Pub/Sports Bar in Norrköping Experience an authentic English pub atmosphere. We are a classic sports bar where you can watch sports on our new TV screens, enjoy a good dinner, order a cold beer at the bar, have an after-work gathering with colleagues on our lovely outdoor terrace, and more. Typically, we organize music quizzes, theme nights, and live concerts. During Future Echoes, Cromwell House is one of the bars open until 3 AM.

Kafé Tassen – Skolgatan 22

We are a café with a completely plant-based menu, serving hot dishes, lighter options, as well as homemade pastries and drinks in an atmospheric Art Nouveau venue at Skolgatan 22 in the heart of Norrköping. At our place, you can listen to and purchase vinyl records from artists like Spiritualized, Lana Del Rey, David Bowie, Beach House, and more. Taste the Berlin favorite Fritz Kola or enjoy Karma Drinks, which are both organic and Fairtrade. With espresso coffee from Qvarsebo Rosteri, kombucha from Qvillinge Ekologiska, and craft beer from Prins Katt Motala, we also offer locally produced and small-scale alternatives.

Café Tassen is one of our daytime venues with free entry on Friday and Saturday. Café Tassen is Future Echoes’ smallest stage, so be sure to arrive early if your favorite artist is performing here.

Mitropa – Garvaregatan 15

Restaurant Mitropa has been in Norrköping since 1935, and the concept has always been to present delicious dishes of Swedish home cooking at a reasonable price. Mitropa is one of Norrköping’s newest live stages for small-format events with club nights featuring quizzes and open stages. Mitropa is one of our smallest venues, so if any of your favorite artists are performing during Future Echoes, make sure to be there in good time!

Don’t miss our special selection of various Czech beer varieties. Cheers!

Musikens-hus – Knäppingsborgsgatan 4

Musikens Hus is Norrköping’s delightful meeting place for individuals and businesses operating within the music industry. Located in the historic cultural district of Knäppingsborg, it is centrally situated, with proximity to high-quality food and drinks. It’s a place you want to bring your clients or colleagues to.

The initiative is spearheaded by Root Productions AB. We are both musicians and entrepreneurs, passionate about creating a creative and vibrant space in Knäppingsborg.

During Future Echoes, several events will take place in Knäppingsborg where Musikens Hus is located.

Rumpan Bar – Kungsgatan 72

Welcome to Norrköping’s most peculiar and unique bar with a rock and pop club vibe. Music, games, food, and drinks with an indoor arcade hall and boules court. Rumpan Bar opened in 2023 and hosts recurring live concerts, karaoke nights, and after-work events. Rumpan Bar is open until 01:00 on Thursday and until 03:00 on Friday and Saturday.

Världens Bar – Västgötegatan 17

Världens Bar is the focal point of Norrköping that has been around for over 15 years. We offer a selection of over 60 beers and a tasty menu. In our cozy environment, everyone should feel at home and warmly welcomed!

Världens Bar is one of our daytime venues with free entry on Friday and Saturday.

Vy – Laxholmen

VY NKPG We have the best view of Norrköping. In historic premises, you and everyone you know can experience high-quality food and drinks. We are located in Strykjärnet, in the same building as the Museum of Work. We are the perfect place to take a break. In the evening, we raise the pulse, often with live music, always with our wonderful cocktails!

VY NKPG Restaurant, Cocktails & Banquet Hall

Strykjärnet in central Norrköping was built in 1916-1917 on the small island of Laxholmen in the middle of the river’s flow.

Future Echoes is showcase brand owned by Discover Sensation.

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