Travel to Norrköping

How to travel to Norrköping!

Norrköping is located one hour on 40 minutes south of Stockholm with car. You just follow E4 south from Stockholm and you will end up in Norrköping. E4 is the big highway that goes through Sweden.

Travel by flights.

If you are flying into Sweden there are two airports that will work.

Skavsta airport is in Nyköping South of Stockholm but north of Norrköping. This airport is just 40 min by car to Norrköping. E4 is passing next to the airport so you drive straight south on E4 and get to Norrköping. This airport is mainly occupied by Wizzair. There are several busses that go almost once an hour from the airport to Norrköping. A ticket is around 15 to 20 euros depending on when you book it. You have both Flixbus or Flygbussarna.

Arlanda Airport is north of Stockholm and north of Norrköping. This is the main airport for Sweden and almost all airlines have a destination here. It’s located two hours and ten minutes from Norrköping by car. Arlanda is also next to E4 and you just drive south on E4 and you will reach Norrköping. Here you can so go by bus on Flixbus or Bus4you. it cost between 20 to 30 euros.

From Arlanda, you can also take the train to Norrköping. There is a high-speed train between Arlanda and Stockholm called Arlanda Express that takes around 15 min and goes every 20 min. There are direct trains to Norrköping, but most require a switch at Stockholm Central. You can find train tickets at

From Stockholm, you have to option for trains and busses on each company we suggest above.

The festival takes place in central Norrköping and most places here are within walking distance.

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