The Prussians

The Prussians are a 5-piece band from Mallorca, made in Spain yet with a clear international flair. Their 3rd album “Mantra” out on the 12th February transports us to a more soulful and electronic groove vibe. Following their first EP ‘The Hills’ (2013), debut album ‘Mul Mul’ (2014) and EP ‘Kerala’ (2016), their last album “Karma” launched in 2018, the band evolves their sound constantly with different sounds and melodies. The band has performed at the main festivals and venues in Spain as well as performing in 2018 in Sweden and a mini tour of the USA in 2019, including a slot at the prestigious “Summerfest”. On the agenda for 2021 are shows in Spain, Benelux, and Future Echoes, Sweden.