Lia Hide (GR)

Lia Hide is a Greek singer/songwriter.
She plays dark art/pop. Her first album “Home” was released by ΕΜΙ-Universal (2013). “Everyone
Seems to Know Who I Am” was released in 2017 and “Tells no Fairytales” (third album) in March,
2019 (digitally, cd and vinyl). In the meantime she composed music for drama and dance companies.
She has also had a prolific recording past in the Electronica genre, on major labels and globally
distributed compilations (Sound Of Everything, Global Underground, Planetworks).
Her virtuoso keyboard playing and vocal versatility (with strong high notes, ethereal softness and
velvet depths; always precisely articulated) combined with her lyrical songwriting, influenced by the
lyricism of Greek songs, the music of the 90’s and her classical music training produce Radio-friendly
pop landscapes that play around with post and punk-ish elements. Her themes focus on adulthood,
social injustice, existential crisis and broken hearts. Sounds like Portishead, Nick Cave, Tori Amos.
She has collaborated and appeared with numerous acclaimed Greek and International artists (Tricky,
Joseph van Wissem, Anneke van Giersbergen, Keep Shelly in Athens, Molly Nilsson, Kadebostany,
Kovacs). She has toured extensively in Greece and Europe (Italy, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands,
UK, Poland) as well as US and Canada and is currently the leading lady of Greece’s Dark Dream Pop.