La Mer

La Mer was formed spontaneously one late evening playing in the underground club, The Owl, in the small picturesque fairytale town of Vadstena, Sweden. La Mer has a sound inspired by a mixture of subtle 60’s surf, french movies, Pulp Fiction. It’s a dreamy avant-garde vibe with a sharp indie-pop edge to it.
La Mer is the brainchild of Sofia Ek and guitarist Johan Karlsson. They are mixing soft, delicate harmonies with the rough in-your-face sound and are dedicated to create the perfect sweet & sour music cocktail. Among their influences are artists such as Angel Olsen, Ducktails, Pixies, Moldy Peaches and Tomorrow’s tulips.  

Their self-titled debut single ‘La mer’, about a car, a murder and the ocean, was released 2020 and gained a lot of praise from the indie pop community. Their follow-up single “Pineapple dream” showed another side of the band and had a harder, more 90’s sound.
They just released their 5 track debut-EP  “Right here, right here, right here”, recorded with help of 90’s legend Jörgen Wärnström of Cloudberry Jam. As their planned tour was canceled they’ve spent their time in the studio recording songs for their upcoming debut album