Krekhaus (BG)

They play a blend of Alternative Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Funk / Stoner Rock. They like to experiment with the standard rock vocabulary borrowing influences from jazz, swing and the classics.
KREKHAUS are well-known to the Bulgarian club scene, where they play regularly since forming the band in 2016. They have played at most of the major open-air festivals in Bulgaria, including HILLS OF ROCK 2019, BNR PARK FEST 2019, SOFIA BREATHES 2016, KAPANA 2016, and are booked to play at WRONG FEST 2021. Their first EP, Odd One Out, was published in 2018 with a major promotional concert in Sofia. Their new studio LP is scheduled for release in January 2021.

“[KREKHAUS’ songs] bring back memories of Blackmore’s riffs, Hendrix’ solos, the Beatles’ modulations, James Brown’s funk and on and on. Trip hop, hip hop, jazz and stoner rock. The components are many. Maybe we should just call them fusion and be done with it. But that will still not be sufficient to describe properly their style.”
(Sofia Breathes Festival)

“When you’re listening to [Krekhaus], you can imagine the world upside down, you can picture it stretched out, even heretically flat. They give you a sense of limitless freedom and peace of mind. […] they won’t leave your mind wandering off; in that precise moment they would crack the Led Zeppelin psychedelia and you’d be shaken to the core.”
(Radio Tangra)

“…sincerity and genuineness, a tidal wave of music and poetry that offer people who have come to one of their concerts a two-hour getaway from the hustle and bustle of the everyday.”