We are absolutely thrilled to have you join us in Norrköping for Future Echoes in March. We understand that you might receive multiple emails with similar information, but rest assured, each one will bring something new and exciting. One important update is that some artists are yet to be confirmed, and we eagerly await their details. So we have put everything here.


Next meeting will be announced later.


The heart of Future Echoes, including panels and our main office, is located at CNEMA Kungsgatan 56. Our dedicated staff is always there to assist you. It’s not only a central meeting point but also conveniently close to other key locations. You can easily walk to any of the gig places, which is a maximum of 15 minutes away. Most gig venues are just a few minutes’ walk apart.


We strive to provide each artist with two performance opportunities. With ten stages operating simultaneously at full capacity, offering two gigs ensures that both the audience and industry professionals have ample chances to experience your talent. While a full set and a more stripped-down, acoustic performance are recommended. Playing once is perfectly acceptable. Your allocated gig time is 40 minutes with a 20-minute changeover. Please arrive 40 minutes before your scheduled performance.

Soon we get your techriders and stageplot we set dates and stages, get them back to you, and if they fit we lock them in.


We are excited to receive your tech riders and stage plots. Kindly send them to Once we have your technical requirements, we’ll coordinate with the sound engineer to ensure a seamless setup. If additional equipment is needed, we’ll communicate with you to make necessary arrangements.


In-ear monitors are welcome but must be provided by the artist for easy setup. Keyboards are not provided, so please bring your own (we have keyboard stands though). While finding a double bass or a grand piano may be challenging, we encourage you to make alternative arrangements. Back projections are not possible at most gig places, one might have it and we will update you once we have more information if that happens.


Our diverse gig venues vary in size, deliberately chosen to create an intimate experience with the audience. Some venues may have limited lighting, and others may reach capacity quickly, emphasizing the importance of having two gigs. Information on venue capacity is a bit down in this mail

You’re welcome to sell merchandise, and we’ll arrange tables for you. Please keep in mind that card payments are common among the audience.

Dressing rooms are available for some venues but not all, accessible 40 minutes before your performance. Stagehands will ensure you have water on stage.


Basic backline equipment is available at the gig venues, with variations based on the venue’s size and requirements. While we don’t know the specific equipment brands yet, we’ll provide that information two weeks before the festival. If your sound relies on specific equipment, feel free to bring it along.

The stages that have a drumkit, two guitar amps, one bass amp, drumkit that has a stool, 1 kick, hihat, but NO cymbals. Vocal microphones. If you need Keyboard stands we have them (not double braced).

VY – 200 cap – Live from VY

Rumpan Bar – 150 cap – Live picture from Rumpan Bar

Broadway (downstairs) – 150 cap

Mitropa – 75 cap – Live picture Mitropa

Cromwell – 150 cap – Live picture from last year Future Echoes

Here is an example picture

These stages DOSEN´T have a drumkit.

Kafé Tassen – 50 cap – Open to the public without a wristband

Världens Bar – 50 cap – Open to the public without a wristband – Live from Världens Bar

Broadway (Upstairs) – 100 cap – Live from Broadway upstairs

These stages have one guitar amps, Vocal microphones. They are best as acoustic gigs, but you can hook up keyboards, line guitars to the mixer board. Trumpad can be used if you have it with you. If you need Keyboard stands we have them (not double braced).

Café Täppan only have small mixerboard and Bose speakers. Only Acoustic. – Open to the public without a wristband

Musikens hus is a special stage where we adapt the stage for the artists that play there. – Outdoor and Open to the public without a wristband


Embarking on your journey to Norrköping is a breeze, ensuring a positive and convenient travel experience.

If you choose to travel by car, the E4 highway passes right outside Norrköping, providing easy and fast access from all corners of Sweden.

For those taking to the skies, Arlanda Airport in Stockholm stands out as the optimal choice. As the main hub with numerous airlines, it offers a seamless travel experience. Affordable buses, priced at around 22 euros, operate directly from Arlanda to Norrköping, ensuring both convenience and cost-effectiveness. Check out options like FlixBus ( and Bus4You ( for hassle-free travel.

While trains are an option, they may involve a transfer to Stockholm. However, there are select times when a direct train from Arlanda to Norrköping is available.

Renting a car at Arlanda Airport is a straightforward option. The journey from Arlanda to Norrköping is a delightful drive on the E4 highway, passing through scenic landscapes as you head south, skirting Stockholm along the way.

There is a closer airport called Skavsta in Nyköping, but it only holds some cheap airlines like Wizz. Busses is the only way from that airport.


Elevate your stay in Norrköping by choosing Comfort Hotel Norrköping, located at Saltängsgatan 29, 602 22 Norrköping. As the main hotel for this year’s event, it offers not only comfort but also the convenience of being just an 18-minute walk from Arbis. We have a special link to enjoy exclusive discounts, adding an extra touch of positivity to your accommodation experience. Your stay at Comfort Hotel Norrköping promises to be a delightful complement to the excitement of Future Echoes.

Special link with discount

Other hotels that are good are

Profilhotels President – 10 min walk from Cnema

Code: Echo tell them that when you call in your reservation
Singel room 90 – 795 kr a night
Doubel bed room – 895 kr (1 to 2 people) a night
Twin room two beds – 995 kr ( 1 eller 2 personer) a night

Hotel Nordic  – 15 min walk from Cnema


Pronova Hotel – 3 min walk from Cnema

Vattengrändens Vandrarhem & Hotel – 10 min walk from Cnema

Centralstationens Vandrarhem – 20 min walk from Cnema

Find it on on or Booking .com


Get ready for some fantastic online opportunities! We’re thrilled to invite artists to optional online meetings, providing a space where you can connect with us, the staff, and fellow participants. These sessions are the perfect chance to ask questions about the festival, gain valuable insights, and learn tips on maximizing your experience at a showcase festival. More details will be sent out soon, but mark your calendars because the first meeting is scheduled for the end of January. We can’t wait to virtually meet and share the excitement with you!


Each artist can bring two professionals with them to the festival, can be a manager, record label, booker etc. To get that ticket they need to register here. They get access to everything at the festival.

The code in the end is that they should use the artist’s name.

Also, it’s very important to register ALL band members. We will send out a real personal ticket that is going to be used to get your wristband and badge. So no registration and they will have a problem getting in.

The code in the end is that they should use the artist’s name.

Of course, if you don’t know a musician for the moment this can be filled in as last a week before the festival. But to be able to network we suggest to fill it in asap.


We hand out goodie bags to all our delegates. The artist is free to get things into the goodie bag. It could be anything that fits in the bag. We have seen a lot of things, from reflexes, stickers, postcards, condoms, candy, keyrings, soap bubbles even wine bottles. You see some from last year’s bag. We pack them for you. To get to all delegates we need 400 of the item. If you have some more expensive that just should go to the speakers and VIP we need 80 (not all people got a wine bottle). We need the items before 14 march

Send your things to


Peter Astedt

Öbolandsvägen 7

61931 Trosa




We know that some of you get grants, sponsorships, and other things to be able to get to Future Echoes. If you want we can put these logos as Powered by,  You can see an example on the Swedish band Kallsup

If you want us to put that up send us the logo and we put it on your page.


Media is not that easy in Sweden. Usually, it’s the local media that is the ones that maybe are doing something. Still, it might be worth a try. So here is the local media and some of the blogs and other stuff that might be around at the festival.

Norrköpings Tidningar ( NT)  To tip them off: or call +46 11-200 166.   This is the biggest one in the area.

Folkbladet ( for tip offs: or call them +46 11-200 440. This is another newspaper, but it’s owned by NT above. Sometimes they co-operate, sometimes they have different articles.

Corren ( for tip offs: or call +46 13-280154.  This is the biggest newspaper in the region, goes out from Linköping, but cover Norrköping as well.

Swedish National Radio (  for tip of, This is the region part of the national radio doing local news and play music.

Swedish Television ( ) for tip offs: phone +4611-210100, This is the national television in their region part so they cover Norrköping.

GAFFA ( Tip offs:( This is the only music magazine left in Sweden. They are in Gothenburg but usually have people at Future Echoes.

There are some blogs but some might not even cover live events


If you are announced you probably see that we follow you on social media. Follow us back you find all our social media at the bottom of the page. We also use hashtags the more important ones are #futureechoes #fe2024 #futureechoes2024  If you want to gain local fans use #visitnorrkoping as well, then the city will see it. To get you tile, go to your page then the tile is uploaded in full, so open the picture in full-scale and you have it.


There will be a possibility to do writing sessions during 21 to 23 of March inside Norrköping. More info about this will come asap.


Let’s make your experience in Sweden as smooth as possible! In our tech-savvy nation, currency use is nearly obsolete, with cards and phones being the preferred modes of payment—almost 99% of the time! If you’re planning to sell merch, keep in mind that your audience will likely have cards or phones at the ready for payment. No need to stress about currency exchange!

While we’re on the topic of practicalities, it’s good to know that alcohol in Sweden can be on the pricey side. If you’re driving and happen to pass a border shop before entering Sweden, consider grabbing your alcohol there. Also, remember that in Sweden, you can only purchase alcohol from a designated store called Systembolaget, and they operate during daytime hours.


At Future Echoes, we believe that that our writing camp, conference and festival is a safe space for participants, attendees, and guests. It’s where everyone can share music, ideas and ignite creativity. This is a space where people can thrive free from harassment & discrimination and create meaningful relationships. If at anytime you feel concerned, uncomfortable or an incident occurs please contact a member of the Future Echoes Team immediately.

We’re genuinely excited about Future Echoes and can’t wait to make it an incredible experience for everyone involved. Thank you for being part of this journey!

We have received tech riders and stage plots from these artists. If your name is missing get these files to asap.

Anica Russo

Another Vision


Drew Thomas

Dirty Freud



Francis on my mind

Jorge Da Rocha


Julia Logan




Leona Berlin

Lia Hide

Lina Nikol




Malin Andersson

Marta Grigale

Noah Derksen


Nesha Nycee

Niklas von Arnold


Pam Rabbit (updated techrider received)







Tora Daa

Tobias Arbo

The Big Day




We Bless This Mess

Zoe Graham

X It

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