Blue Wit (IT)

Blue Wit: when melancholy meets irony, a glimpse to the abyss, a laugh.

These are some among the themes we can find in the Italian band’s poetic and music.

Formed during Summer ’19, Blue Wit has one and only objective: being able to arrive to people, to make them feel, whether it’s sadness with a slow song, nostalgy with a romantic one, or limitless with their UK branded powerful rock style.

They are Francesco Pedrinoni (singer/songwriter and guitars), Edoardo Nosari (drums) and Manuel Mariani (bass guitar).

After a brief appearance at X Factor Italy 2020 with a cover of ‘bad guy’ by Billie Eilish and some appreciation from the jury and new fans, they started working on their first EP. They already released a single called ‘Animation’ and we can’t really wait to see where the guys are going to bring us next with their evocative songs.