In Sweden, one of the most streamed artists Fröken Snusk and Rasmus Gozzi was taken down during Christmas due to strange streaming patterns. He had been warned several times before, but this time after that IFPI took him down from the top chart, and Spotify followed and took some of the biggest hits down. At the same time, his distributor Amuse took off the whole catalog, maybe after Spotify threatened to take all their stuff? Suddenly the artist wasn’t there any longer and some of the “biggest” hits were not there.

Then some strange things, suddenly the artist got a contract with Universal Norway, and they could get the songs up a couple of weeks later. I wonder though if Universal is better for stopping the artist from cheating, than Amuse or is it just that majors have a carte blanche? Of course, we really don’t know if they were cheating, but with that pattern, I would convict at any time.

What happened more is that this artist also going to be in the takeout for Eurovision in Sweden. Of course, the scandal made some people say that she should be disqualified. Of course, that didn’t happen, but still, it was like a wet blanket and the artist was called a cheater the whole time. Mainly the reason was that the song that she was competing with was not written by the producer Ramus Gozzi and the record label that owns her image, the company that they suspected was cheating. Though now it leaks out that the songwriter on the song is still these guys but as soon the journalist finds that out that changes and is told it was a mistake from the publisher. Yeah right, a song that is going to be in Eurovision in Sweden that is the most important thing, and you write in the wrong names. Especially when the whole debate has been on the whole time? That is such an easy thing to check so it seems stupid, but hey they showed the wrong names in front of 1,4 million viewers. I actually thought Sweden television checked against STIM’s register ( Swedish PRS) since it’s such a big deal in Eurovision who wrote the song. Just feels like they are in on it just because they need a famous artist. The question though is she really that famous. They cheated and the fame came with the cheating?

Another sidetrack, they don’t need to be written as writers on the song, they can have a contract with Fröken Snusk that any earnings from the songs going to her go to them. So, writing themselves in is probably just to get the money faster, not having to rely on that Fröken Snusk payout when she gets the money.

The interesting part here is though that since all this was going on the artist of course got all the media. To be honest I didn’t know the other competitors for that evening since it had only been reported around Fröken Snusk. Usually, when that happens that artist wins because they get the most attention. Didn’t happen here. It became number four out of six songs. The voters didn’t like it. It was just falling out of the competition (there are some strange rules in Sweden, the top two get to the final, the third and fourth go to another round, and number five and six are outvoted from the competition).

Here comes the strange part. Suddenly this week that song becomes number one on Spotify. Beating all the other songs that were voted for on Saturday. So just over two days, people have changed their minds? Don’t think so. Of course, it’s much easier to hide those strange numbers in a flood of other numbers. Of course, the song would have been listened to, they all do. But it’s very strange that this became number one so fast and actually beat the song that beat it and came third with almost double as many listings 100 000. I just saw that Spotify and IFPI have trouble taking it off since it’s a Eurovision song and it’s on Universal. If they even detect the false streams in the flood of real streams? Come on it’s super strange that it beats the song that had quite much more votes on Saturday with almost 50% more streams. They almost beat the songs from last week with streams. And if you double-check it only has a modest 24 000 streams on Youtube compared to 680 000 on Spotify.

It’s going to be really interesting in the second round to see if Fröken Snusk can win that to get the final? If it is number one right now beating out all the songs that were voted better. It just should sail to win the second round and then the final and then we would compete in Eurovision with a girl with pink balaclava that sits on a pink Dalahorse!

I’m just guessing that Spotify all sees this cheating but is now locked, scared to mess things up with Swedish Television or Warner that distributes this particular song?

And no, I don’t think we are getting a pink Dalahorse in the final. The fact that they can’t cheat in the voting system on Eurovision will stop that.