Three friends, all working musicians, got together to jam one day in 2018 with no plans of starting a band whatsoever. The burst of energy that grabbed ahold of them the second they turned their amps up however left them no choice. Stockholm trio AWAZE was formed.

You might recognize the drummer Jonna Löfgren from her ten years of playing with Scottish indie giants Glasvegas, or from tours with major Swedish acts such as Lars Winnerbäck, Vargas & Lagola and Hurula. Lead singer/guitarplayer Simon Zion became famous as ”tie-dye Jesus” on Swedish Idol back in 2015 (where he came in third place), and Olov Domeij will play bass for anyone who pays him cash money – most recently he did 140 shows with Swedish rock legend Ola Salo.

Fans have described the music as ”aggressive but beautiful high energy riffy garage madness” and ”Pieces of Rage Against the Machine and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, a pinch of Arctic Monkeys, one table spoon of 2021 and a fist full of no more fucks to give”. Awaze are all about reacting to each other musically on a gut level. Instinctive human energy being passed through drums, bass, guitar and vocals.

The single Break a Bone was featured on New Music Friday USA, New Noise and about 1500 other playlists, and has also turned out to be a fan favorite at AWAZEs explosive live shows.

Starting February 2021 the band is releasing a song every month for the rest of the year.

”3 and a half minutes of indie rock greatness. ’Pour a Little Love, Love’ is a fantastic debut.” –

”AWAZE are flirting with classic 70s rock riffs as well as catchy choruses and punky backing vocals with attitude. Quite simply a trio of great musicians blending together their best influences and experiences.” –

”AWAZE drive us insane with the outrageously cool single ‘Hangin’ On’. The band is a breath of fresh air, and has a lot of kicking-butt to do.” –