Arya is an Italo-Venezuelan singer and songwriter. Daughter of Orlando Watussi, a well-known Venezuelan salsa singer, she started singing when she was very young, pairing up her natural drive towards music with singing lessons with Professor Andrea Tosoni.
In 2018 she starts working with Atelier 71, an independent collective and music label based in Milan.
She presents her work for the first time at Biko in Milan, one of the most interesting soul clubs in the city, and other music temples in Italy, like Alcazar in Rome.
Her style is warm and smooth, her lyrics are introspective and reflexive; she freely moves between nu soul and rap, hip hop and r’n b.
From 2018 she also lends her voice as backing vocalist for important Italian artists, like Ghemon and Venerus.
In 2020 her single, Mad, comes out, leading the way to her debut album, Peace of Mind, which gains much success both from the critics (Rockol, I-D Italy, DLSO, Rockit, Radio Capital, Radio Bertallot) and the public.
She recently took part in New Skool Rules, an international urban festival taking place in Rotterdam (Netherlands) backed up by Italia Music Export.



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