Andrew Cassara (CA)

Describing Andrew Cassara’s style in words does not do it justice. Hearing and feeling his music are really the only ways to fully appreciate the 24-year-old Ottawa-based artist’s singular blend of funk, disco and pop. Fuelled by influences ranging from Shawn Mendes, to the Bee Gees and artists like
Jamiroquai – who, like Cassara, blur stylistic lines fluidly – Cassara’s debut album, Freak on Repeat (SGMGroupArtists), may sound familiar, but it’s absolutely impossible to pigeonhole. In 2018,

Cassara headlined the Youth X Canada Tour, performing for and engaging with audiences at youth centers across Ontario to encourage young people to share their own stories and mental health struggles. He’s also performed in the US, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Sweden at showcases,
festivals, clubs, and conferences, and shared the stage with prominent Canadian and International artists Shawn Mendes, Chromeo, Tyler Shaw, Lauv and others. Now Andrew will add on Future Echoes to his Covid pushed tour that takes him to both Europe and Asia.